We are dreamers. We proudly dedicate this social network to good people who inspire us in our daily search for happiness, love and meaning. We created this network, because we are fascinated by the idea of a different virtual community - one where people are united by goodness. A place to share the meaningful things in life - as small as an unexpected gesture of kindness from a stranger or a cup  of tea with an old friend; as significant as the search of sense and connection in a dynamic, fast-paced world.

* What we love?
* Where we find daily inspiration?
* What we deem important?
* What makes our lives worth living, after all?

These are some of the questions we can all relate to. We can take a step beyond the small talk and find friendship and understanding. Genuine human connection is this simple! You are invited to explore topics of interest together with like-minded people from all over the globe.
Spread the love. Share it with others. Re-discover it in your everyday life. Let it shine on the world! Join us today!

About GiiLife

Actually, it is all about YOU. Share your story with the world, inspire friends, family and people from all over the globe to spread the love. Let yourself be discovered!

Establish and grow your network of positivity. Create topics for anything and everything that you find exciting, exchange information, inspiration and experience. Share stories, images, your favorite music, ask questions, receive support and advice, learn interesting things, explore places, find your new passion.

Because joy multiplies when shared.

We would like to place the importance on, you know, IMPORTANT things, instead of proving who is the most popular or wasting energy on negativity. And sometimes the small things in life are the ones of greatest importance - the moments that gradually build our daily happiness. The world is thrilled to know about the things you deem important.

Creating an online heart-to-heart network that is based on kindness is a big task. C'mon, let's get started!